Make a difference by helping startups in Norway create tomorrow's jobs
City Invest
How it all Works
People invest small amounts into a large pool together with many other people in their neighborhood, city or region.
The money will be invested in the top 10 most promising startups to create new jobs in the next years.
The goal is to create jobs for people in Norway, help our new businesses grow, and if they succeed - as a community member you have helped create a job for your cousin, daughter, friend, and your neighbor.
To help our job creators AKA startups, we need to come together as a community to provide much needed investment into the startups with most potential to create many jobs for us in the next years.

1. You can give money from 500 NOK and upwards.
2. The money will be placed in a large pool together with many other community members.
3. The money will be invested in a portfolio of startups (5-10 startups) by Norwegian startup experts. Our experts will pick startups that have the highest potential to succeed and create NEW jobs in the upcoming years for those living in Norway.
4. The experts who handle the pool will take their shares at a point to give return on your initial investment. If 100 people gave money to the pool, it will be split based on how much money each person gave.
Expert Advisors and Company Partners
Meet our great expert advisors who have joined us so far. There will come more companies and people as we go. Stay tuned!
Lars Lægreid
Principle at Emergence School of Leadership
With over 30 years of experience with projects, startups, and leadership - Lars is the perfect person to ensure that we get the right expertise and partners onboard.

Einar Kleppe Holthe
Founder & Owner Natural State As and Leader Fuglen AS
CEO, Chairman, entrepreneur and business developer with broad management experience. Realizing ideas as economical sustainable structures for different markets. Combining idealism and realism in economical sustainable business structures where value based concepts with focus on ex. ethical, social, environmental or cultural identity is created, sustained and carried out within different segments.

Specialties: Innovative concept and business development. Organization and economical structuring. Management and leadership. Branding, identity and marketing.

Lars Bjørn Larsen
Partner Amanda Projects AS & Executive Chairman at
Lars is the executive chairman at who is a norgwegian crowdfunding platform - which fits perfectly with the expertise needed in this iniative.

Young Sustainable Impact
Impact startup creator
YSI Global is runs innovation programs that empowers young, aspiring entrepreneurs to create impact-driven startups. From 2017-2019 they got 35.000 applicants from 180 countries!

YSI profile
About our mission
We empower community to help creating future jobs in Norway. We are bringing people that are living, working, studying in Norway together to make an impact on tomorrow's jobs. We fight the corona crisis together as neighbors, communities and friends.

Meet the Team!
Our team is diverse - from different places around the world. We have what we need to make this a success:
Didrik Strøhm
Project Leader - Growth Hacker + External Relations
Raman Obaid
Fullstack Developer
Anna Znachko
UX/UI & Business Developer
Nora Holte
UX/UI & Business Developer
Yidir Bouhadjer
Fullstack Developer
Community Members
We are growing our community spreading the word of mouth through social media. Want to find out how many we are so far? Join us - make a difference.
Community Investors
Frequently Asked Questions
We work hard to provide answers to your concerns. Please bare with us.
What are startups? Who do we invest in?
Startups are the young companies with high potential for growth. Science, new markets, new types of businesses, incremental, disruptive innovation - that is considered a startup company. We define 4 main prerequisites for growth: 1. Company that solves a real problem. 2. Has a scalable idea. 3. Founders have a core vision and 4. An excellent first interaction.
Who are the experts?
Our experts are entrepreneurs, business developers, founders, executives, innovators. People with years of experience leading business projects, who have worked with startups in the past and realized crowdfunding for different social causes.
Will I as investor have a say in who gets investment?
We ask our investors to specify the profile of a startup they want to support the most. But we trust our field experts to make this hard choice by closely evaluating startups that at the end will make the highest impact on community.
If you want to invest, starting from 500 NOK - sign up below
If we all get together, we can become an important investor for high-growth startups in our communities.
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