Questionaire for
The Breakthrough Agenda
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The research this year is focused on capacity, entrepreneurship, engagement and urbanity oriented towards youth earthpreneurs.

Background info, section one.

Q - First name

Q - Last name

Q - Birth year

Q- Country

Q - E-mail

Q - Gender

Q - Employment status

Capacity, second section.

Q - Are you part of a business, non-governmental organisation (NGO) or startup?
(Business / NGO / Startup)

Q - Has this entity undertaken more or less than three projects? (more/less)

Q - Are the majority of the top decision-makers in this organisation youth? (yes/no)

Q - How many partners does your business / organisation have? (number)

Q - Which partnership is or would be the most valuable? (open)

Q - Why is that so? (open)

Entrepreneurship, third section.

Q - Are you an entrepreneur? (yes/no)

Q - How do you define an entrepreneur? (open)

Q - Besides yourself, who is the most entrepreneurial in your local context? (open)

Q - Why is this person entrepreneurial? (open)

Q - Besides funding or government issues what barriers are you facing? (open)

Q - Imagine yourself as a successful entrepreneur – show us your life (open)

Engagement, fourth section.

Q - Are youth in your area generally engaged for sustainability? (yes/no)

Q - Why is that so? (open)

Q - Describe the youth who is the least engaged for sustainability in your context. (open)

Q - How could you increase the engagement of that person or group? (open)

Q - Which area of your life are you the most engaged with? (work, family, education, friends)

Q - Which area of your life are you the least engaged with? (open) (work, family education, friends)

Urbanity, fifth section.

Q - What best describes the area where you live? (megacity/city/town/rural)

Q - What do you consider the urban sustainable development goal(s)? (multiple choice) (+ link to the SDGs)

Q - How would you define a positive contribution to your local community? (open)

Q - Do contribute to your local community? (yes/no)

Q - Is there an easy way for you to contribute to the development of your area? (yes/no)

Q - What would make it easier for you to contribute? (open)

Q - Who does not contribute? (open)

Wrap-up, -

Q - Do you want to be contacted about new research on sustainability in the future? (No spam) (yes/no)

Q - Do you consent that we may use the information you have provided? (yes/no)

Q - Do you want your name in the report? (yes/no)

Q - Are you interested in volunteering as an interviewer for this report? (yes/no)


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