So you want to help with the research?
We are open for participation. Here are the guidelines we use both for ourselves and volunteer interviewers.
Why would you contribute?

First and foremost we can work together to better understand young entrepreneurs from around the planet and the report will be released open for access. Secondly you will get your name and credit in the report having contributed as part of the team in this collaborative research project for increased sustainability. There are three immediate ways to contribute.
Register as an interviewer here: (form, link)
Submit your data (transcription and/or sound files)
Submit a link to your existing research on youth and sustainability (link to submit)
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Interview guide

This guide is not a fixed survey. The guide acts as a prompt, reminding you of necessary topics to cover, questions to ask and areas to probe. As such, it should be simple so that your primary focus can stay on the respondent.

1. General information

Length: 40-60 minutes
Primary goal: To see things the way you (interviewee) see them... more like a conversation with a focus on your experience, your opinions and what you think or feel about the topics covered.

2. Verbal consent

Would you like to participate in this interview? And is it ok that the interview is recorded?
  • Verbal Consent was obtained from the study participant
  • Verbal Consent was NOT obtained from the study participant

3. Background information

Invite interviewee to briefly tell me about him/herself: General information about the background... mostly about experiences and perspectives on issues being a young entrepreneur and working on issues related to sustainability.

4. Subject 1: The why

Interview questions:
  • Your story
    • "Who are you"
    • What are you working on?
    • What is your motivation for doing what you do
We are attempting to find out how to use the sustainable development goals to strengthen collaboration and partnership, especially increase engagement with youth.
Which youth in the age 18-28 use entrepreneurship towards sustainability and how do they work? What do they need? We are looking at goals related to urbanity and if we understand youth it may be easier to facilitate.

5. Subject 2: The framework around you / operating framework

Interview questions:
  • Who are your closest relations to your project?
  • Who has been critical for you to achieve what you have done so far?
    • Why?
    • How has X helped you?

6. Subject 3: Challenges (?)

  • What could we ask here, any ideas?

You can help us edit the interview guide and comment on the framework here:
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