Open report
We are writing a Breakthrough Agenda, an open report by youth on sustainability
If you want to contribute read onwards and tell us what you think.
Why are you doing this?
We are writing a report on the topic of youth, sustainability, partnerships and entrepreneurship. You can read the current project brief in the document. In essence we want to better understand how youth around the world relate to the topics mentioned so that we can find a better way of empowering youth to solve the sustainability challenges. We thought it would be better to do this with you.

What can you expect?
  • Outcome of the report is uncertain
  • The report will be published online and delivered to the Norwegian government
  • The submission date for the open report is the 20th of March
  • Your submission may not appear in the final report to the Norwegian government
    • Because it will be edited by Alex Moltzau and Amund Grytting who has an editorial responsibility for the report delivered in Norway
  • Feel free to attempt to make this a collaboration with your local government
  • Currently this is only a collaboration with the Norwegian government, however it would be great to partner up with more countries
  • Your name in the report if you contribute

Where do I start?
We do not necessarily want to dictate where, but here are some suggestions:
1. Start writing your story, this could become a case presented. (easy)
2. Comment on methodology, questions and reflect on topics. (medium)
3. Do your own recorded interviews with transcription and reflection. (hard)

Ranking based on estimated time, however it may vary.
Anyhow, we will see where it takes us!
Let us do our best to understand.